Lessons from Two Millenia: We Still Need Strong Teachers

Americans stand today at political, economic, and philosophic crossroads. One direction is predicated on the belief that people are too evil, or too stupid, to govern their own lives. This path leads to a society of entitlements, suspicion, envy, and control. The other path is predicated on a belief that man is fully able to govern himself, that he possesses a free will, a free mind, and is able to make his own choices and reap whatever benefits and accept whatever consequences are rightfully his.

It is a time for choosing.

The challenge before us is to educate and mentor future educators who can become worthy of, and appreciate, the citizenship that too many take for granted too often. But where does one turn for serious training in the philosophic, political, and economic principles of freedom? Where can one find intellectually honest and rigorous training in the arts of leadership and persuasive communication grounded in the first freedom principles of 1776? Such training is rare today. At FreedomTrust, we stand prepared to support and expand it.